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We provide international bulk and consolidated airfreight export, import and transit shipment of air cargo for short and long-haul routes. Our clients are guaranteed on time and secure shipment as we have a network of agents worldwide and highly experienced staffs. We are partners with some of the world’s leading airlines, ensuring the most reliable and fastest routes to the destination.

We also provide a variety of packing options including wooden crates for general cargo, live animals, IATA approved kennels, pallets, or cardboard boxes, dry ice and data loggers.

We understand that air freight is an expensive option and our mission is to provide the best cost-effective services.

We strive for excellence and always strive for the highest level of quality.

We take great pride in our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of your cargo.

Our staff are trained and certified in Air Cargo Security procedures and will be professionally handled, our facilities and equipment meet world aviation standards.





What's the benefits

Air freight is often used for high value and low volume shipments, as you might already know.




Air Freight


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